Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process PsychotherapyCore Process Psychotherapy helps you let go of the stories you keep telling yourself inside your head and discover a peaceful, body-based presence in the here and now. All wounding happens in relationship. A healing relationship helps you let go of wounding.

Becoming aware of thinking, we can let go of thinking
Becoming aware of how we are with others, we can let go of our patterns around others
Becoming aware of space, we can become empty of self and rest in bigger mind

Do you want to continue listening to the stories going round and round inside your head? Or would you like to step out of the habitual tendencies and learn to let go? Focusing together with a fresh mind on what your body is feeling right now, and what you are sensing around you helps you step out of these patterns into presence.

Too many people get caught up by the theatre of the mind. We are taken over by the drama on our stage, and carry that around with us, and see nothing but that, wherever we go. So if your story is, “Nobody loves me,” and somebody is sitting there with loving regard towards you, in all likelihood you will stay stuck in your story and miss the boat.

Core Process Psychotherapy offers you a chance to stop getting lost in your own show. It helps you open up and connect in real-time with another.

What stops you from being comfortable, sitting face to face and open with another person, with an open heart?

Which one of these are you?

Core Process Psychotherapy
I’m unworthy and a waste of space. Who would put up with me?

I’m better than everyone else and nobody gets it. Will I ever find a good enough partner or job? Of course I’m worth it.

Why does everyone blame me? There isn’t any justice…

Life without sex, drugs, and rock and roll is meaningless. I can’t stand “ordinary.”

Everything happens to me. I’m a walking disaster.

Things pass me by. You treat me like I’m invisible.

Why does nobody obey me? I’m right!!

You use me. I’m here to make you feel better.

I can’t escape my past. Help. Let me out. I’m trapped.

Anyway as I was saying, I want, I need you to…., Oh would you, please?

I have to do it myself. I can’t rely on anyone. The world rests on my shoulders.

Sitting together in therapy, we can let the theatre empty, the head clear, and experience what is it like to be left on a clear, open stage in silence.

Can you be fully open with another person, with no agenda, and just see what happens?

Body-based Focusing

Body-based focusing is an important part of the work we do together. Julian will help you bring attention to how the body is being affected and any particular qualities, images or emotions associated with that part of you.

When we both hanging out with this immediate experience, something shifts.

For example: focusing can reveal a tight heart, or a band of irritability around the abdomen, or a narrowing of the throat. If we both stay with this experience for several minutes and see what emerges, invariably the felt-sense shifts and something is released. Quite literally two centres of awareness can help a joint experience open up within the larger holding field of awareness which allows something to unfold and change.

This is an extraordinary part of therapy and work that brings transformation over a period of time.

Talking about things can go round in circles for years. But paying attention to the direct embodied experience and staying with this, instead of the dialogue, can allow deeply-held, subconscious patterns to shift, freeing up the mental states to a fresh view of the present moment.

So if you are interested in:

  • Becoming more present
  • A body-based approach to psychotherapy
  • Working with loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity
  • Developing awareness of joint-experience and interconnectedness

Core Process Psychotherapy can provide you with space for transformation.

To start Core Process Psychotherapy:

Please contact Julian to organise an initial meeting. You can find his details on the contact page below.

In the initial meeting you can find out more about the work and decide if you want to take things further. He will charge you £50 for this initial meeting. It is common practice at the beginning of therapy to have six sessions together to make sure that this work is right for you.

Core Process Psychotherapy is a weekly practice where you have your allotted hour at the same time every week. This provides a lot of holding and continuity for you to process whatever you have decided to work on.

If you give a week’s notice when you cannot attend you will not need to pay for the missed session. Julian does not charge when he goes away either, and will let you know in good time when he is not available.

Julian charges £80 per session. You can pay in cash, by cheque or card. However, please note that all card payments will incur a £2 surcharge, and he does not accept payments on-line.

Julian is registered with BUPA Provider No 30044177

Julian and Buddhism

Tinnitus Books By Julian Cowan HillJulian Cowan Hill first connected with a contemplative Buddhist Practice in 1989 where he meditated regularly with the monks and nuns of a Soto Zen Buddhist monastery in Japan where he lived. He met the teacher during that year who helped deepen an enquiry into understanding impermanence.

Working as an English language teacher in Venezuela, Hungary, Italy, Spain and then London, Julian then became more acquainted with Indian teachings and then the Tibetan School of Buddhism, and was touched by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s teaching.

In 2000 he studied at the Karuna Institute in Devon and found a much deeper and more immediate connection to Dharma through the embodied awareness that this Buddhist centre provides.

In 2008 he committed fully to Buddhist practice and started practicing with Tantric and Dzogchen teachers from Tibet. He regularly goes on retreat with his Dzogchen teacher and appreciates an on-going, positive connection with the Karuna teachings.

He enjoys Kum Nye, Kundalini Yoga and Tai Chi practice.

Please visit the Contact page to get in touch.

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