Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus therapy helps you develop a positive mindset that helps you let go of the ringing in your ears. Learning to shift the focus away from your hearing and catastrophic thinking into body experience, and learning how you can settle your nervous system with the support of therapy, helps the tinnitus go quiet and you to unstick your mind from it.

Tinnitus therapy offers you support, understanding and guidance drawing on Julian’s own experience letting go of 20 years of his own symptoms and clinical experience working with over 600 clients since 1999. Julian provides coping strategies, body-based focussing, guidance and therapy to help manage and let go of this condition.

Tinnitus is a temporary state where we tune into the noise of the central nervous system, which we normally ignore. Our hearing has become too switched on and detects nervous impulses inside our head. That’s what tinnitus is.

When the nervous system settles and we stop feeling threatened by tinnitus, we come out of red-alert mode and our ears stop listening out so acutely.

As our hearing turns from red-alert back towards calm mode we naturally stop listening to the nervous impulses of the nervous system, and our hearing returns to normal.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is very good for bringing you out of the adrenal state of fight or flight as a whole, which causes the overall pattern of tinnitus to steadily calm down.

Specifically hands-on work can tune into the disturbance resonating in the tissues along the auditory pathways and help them drop back into stillness. When this happens people commonly report hearing their symptoms getting quieter, less intense and sometimes switching off completely. This is usually a gradual process.

Quieten App

For further support and relief from tinnitus please download the app called Quieten from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can access it by visiting this link – www.quietenapp.com.

Let Julian help you get on track and guide you along a path that leads to letting go of tinnitus.

Julian does three things to help people with tinnitus:

  1. Explains how tinnitus works, what helps keep it going, and what helps it go quiet. Once we know how it works, tinnitus becomes less threatening, and the way forward becomes common sense.
  2. Gives hands-on craniosacral therapy or body-based focussing via Skype. This directly helps take the focus off tinnitus and settles the nervous system, which causes tinnitus to pipe down.
  3. Creates a care plan providing tools, coping strategies and advice which make it hard for tinnitus to keep going. He teaches body-based focussing techniques and helps find therapists and practices local to you, building up your support network.

Books About Tinnitus

Julian has published the following books on Amazon:

A Positive Tinnitus Story – A brief overview of his story and what helped him switch off his ringing

Tinnitus, From Tyrant to Friend: How to Let Go of the Ringing in Your Ears – A detailed practical guide with techniques and advice on how to let go of your own symptoms.

His books have been translated into several languages.

Please visit the Books page for more information about Julian’s books.

Julian has made much of his work widely available via You Tube reaching out and helping hundreds of tinnitus people all over the world. His messages guide people onto a path that helps them lets go of this temporary condition.

He has also written articles for The Fulcrum (Craniosacral Therapy Association Magazine), and Quiet, the British Tinnitus Association Magazine.

To see his videos on how to let go of tinnitus please visit his YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP0pfmXnI8hMnXP52Eg2pEg

In Clinic Treatment Fees

First session – £120 for 1.5 hours
Follow up sessions £80 for 1 hour

Or 6 sessions for £450 for the Tinnitus Care Package including:

6 treatment sessions
A hard copy of the book “Tinnitus, From Tyrant to Friend:
How to Let Go of the Ringing in Your Ears.”
Craniosacral Therapy to settle the whole system
Techniques and coping strategies
Body-based focusing
Agony Uncle Service eg bring your worst fears and hopefully find reassurance and answers to some questions

Six sessions on a weekly basis maximises the benefit of the cranial work, gives you a chance to really let go, switch off and feel some sense of improvement, as well as learn how to better manage this temporary condition.

We both want good results. Having a one-off session and then moving on to something else is not very helpful.
Many people with tinnitus are stuck in fight or flight mode and flit from one thing to the next without ever really getting anywhere.

Having said that, getting advice and help to get on track can be useful.

On-line Session Fees

£80 per hour or £450 for 6 sessions

Sessions include:

  • Body-based focusing
  • Techniques and coping strategies
  • Lifestyle advice on what activities help
  • Q&A session where you can bring your worst fears, find reassurance and practical advice tailored to your specific needs

Please note that all on-line sessions must be paid for before your session time.To pay for sessions please click on the on-line payment page of this website. You can also pay via Paypal using this email address for the transfer: admin@juliancowanhill.co.uk. Alternatively I can provide you with my bank details. 

I prefer using Skype as we can call each other quickly, however I can also work with WhatsApp, Zoom, Botim, Face Time etc. Let me know what suits you.

To set up Skype, go on-line, enter Skype into the search engine and download the programme. Then test it out on someone first to avoid wasting any time during your session.  Then send me your Skype name, or you can add me to your contacts. My Skype name is juliancowanhill. Once you have paid please email me at info@juliancowanhill.co.uk stating what time zone you live in, how you have paid for the session and when you would like to organise an appointment. I will get back to you confirming a time shortly. I look forward to meeting you on-line and helping you get on track to recovery.

Disclaimer / Common Sense

There is no one medicine, person or activity that cures all.

I have helped a lot of people experience quieter and quieter tinnitus over a period of months. Some people’s tinnitus has indeed switched off in a couple of sessions, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Other people’s tinnitus has remained unchanged after several sessions. Everyone leaves feeling calmer, clearer and more relaxed.

I find fearful mindsets and frozen, traumatised physiological processes are behind what keeps tinnitus going. Being a therapist is all about meeting people, providing support and safety to help them free up and let go. I cannot say how long this will take.

There is no scientific evidence to prove this work does what it says. This doesn’t mean that this work is not effective. If someone says “Gosh, my tinnitus has gone,” or “Wow, the intensity has backed off and it sounds much quieter now,” that is good enough for me and the client.

I wish I had enough money to show scientifically that the activation in the tinnitus regions had settled after a tinnitus therapy session, but I do not have tens of thousands of pounds to invest in something which, at the end of the day, is designed to assuage people’s fear.

It makes more sense to work with the tinnitus people who do come forward, and then, to do my best.

I cannot ask people to share their success stories because I am bound by confidentiality and data protection. Also, it is not ethical to stress clients with this demand. Any testimonials posted here are unsolicited and are offered freely.

If you are prepared to open to change, letting go and release, which causes tinnitus to go quiet, then please step forward. If you are worried, or have any doubts, or feel that this is not an approach that suits you, then its probably best to seek help elsewhere.

Tinnitus Therapy Effects

  • In 2013 Julian took on 21 new clients with tinnitus.
  • 2 clients reported that the tinnitus stopped after one tinnitus therapy session.
  • 8 clients experienced tinnitus becoming significantly quieter during some of their sessions.
  • 4 clients said their tinnitus became significantly quieter in EVERY cranial session.
  • 14 clients said that their tinnitus was overall significantly better after a course of Craniosacral therapy.
  • 4 clients reported no improvement with tinnitus, but found the sessions relaxing and beneficial in other ways.
  • The average number of sessions attended by this group was 5.

My practice is based in Paddington/ Little Venice please go to the Contact page for details.

For help with tinnitus please download QUIETEN, an App to help let go of the ringing in your ears:


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